I have been interested in this topic of pre-Maori inhabitants ever since finding pre-Maori artifacts. More correctly they have found me. All are stone. Basic stone, not hard serpentine, argillite, pounamu, whalebone or wood.


One was at the extreme bottom of an Umu as it was about to fall into the sea. The very bottom! The site was not well known and is almost gone now.


Then there was the very old adze, cracked and chipped under a very old skeleton also exposed by the sea. This skeleton was regarded as 'not one of us' by the local Kaumātua and was buried elsewhere to those already at the Urupa. He confirmed it as old - 'very' old. It also had a necklace of human teeth, with holes drilled through them where cordage once held them together. Only a few of these 'He Maioha Maukaki' have ever been found because they are so rare and they belong to those already living here before Maori arrived. Maori did not wear such things, at least not that of the last 700 years. (The Lloyd collection from Auckland has this one below).








There was also some drilled human teeth forming part of a necklace found at a site I won't name on the edge of the Manukau Harbour. This site had a mixture of occupation back to the 10th century where wearing the teeth of your ancestors had been a more common practice. See 3 of the 10 found in the picture below.








There used to be a red-headed preserved Maori head in the Otago Museum. It was in a glass case alongside another one. (If you are of the right age and live in Dunedin, you may have seen it for yourself?) There are also many stories of unusual items being discovered around the country, yet there is no physical proof of any of these finds, supposedly because local Iwi hid them away or destroyed them. That may be true - it may not. But there is not a single photograph of these supposed 'finds'. In this modern age that seems highly suspicious. Ok, I suppose in the 1990's we didn't carry mobile devices. A new accidental find should never go unrecorded ever again!


Then the stories of tall 8' skeletons found in three locations in the Waikato NZ grabbed my attention. Surely this is a hoax. However, I began to think...'If an 8' skeleton without a rocker jaw and without a pentagonal skull, some hair intact, lying on a pre-cut rock shelf was found, then it cannot possibly be Maori, so Maori can make no claim to it. Not so, some say, not all Maori had rocker jaw. Yet all the old original Polynesian skulls found do! ... and all Maori skulls are pentagonal. But some Maori have red hair some will say. True, but what if all the skeletons had remnants of red hair? But it may just have been a tall Maori. True, but what if many of these tall skeletons were found, all together in one place? What if 14 were found together, tall, red hair, without rocker jaw? But the clincher is that Maori did not cut shelves into the sides of caves to lay their dead. Never ever. And what if unusual artifacts were with them?


Surely then, if a skeleton described above was found, they must be studied properly because they can’t be Maori and therefore Maori cannot claim them or demand what is done with them - after all, political Maori say the fabled races of old don't exist and that Maori are the true Tangata Whenua, the first here. Well, not all..David Rankin believes they do. So do I.

Giant skeletons? Am I serious? Yes I am. But I have no proof as yet.

Then I found some stories of caves that held many 'tall ones' near Raglan, in a cave and behind a waterfall. There is also another near Port Waikato in a cave near the Tameana and Hineana caves. There is also a cache of skeletons in a cavern near Waikeretu Valley. But this last account most read as being in Waikaretu and being discovered by contractors, was actually near Matira Rd, to the south according to the contractor. Apparently, the site was closed immediately upon Maori viewing it and the access hidden. Why?  Because what they saw within that cavern were not Maori, they were much older and much taller - the Raparoa. A moratorium was then slapped upon this site as well. Why not investigate and produce a full, detailed, professional archaeological assessment? Is it because Maori fear the proof that others were already here...the true Tangata Whenua...would affect their Waitangi Tribunal treaty claims? It won’t...but maybe it should!


So why am I mentioning all this?

Because we know of four of those sites...or should I say the first of them found me. We won't disclose the first or third location publicly as we don't want looting by those who do such a thing, or destruction of this site by those who quickly closed it up when it was first found. The approximate location of the second is known, but is also covered. The third is watched and fourth is lost (but I believe I know to within 100m where it is). Research is a great tool.


In the following pages and over the next three years or so you will find digital photos and information, along with video, that will prove that the 'tall ones' actually existed, and that they were here long before Maori ever arrived and eventually took the land from them. I believe the stories that they were hunted to extinction are likely true as they fought among themselves often enough (think Nga Puhi in the early 1800's). We cannot prove that assertion, but why would Maori not want their ancestors documented for all time? Answer: Because they are not their ancestors!


This country's true ancient history has been covered up, secreted away, and legislated against. But why? Treaty claims. If Maori were not the first here, it might interrupt the money flow - at least by legal challenge. It shouldn't but it could.


Therefore, what I am doing here may prove dangerous. So before I outline this more, I need to point out that it is my belief that Waitaha, and others who were here before Maori, were a peaceful people and that Maori were a warlike people. (A study in 2009 by G. Raumati Hook proved the existence of a 'warrior' gene accounting for the high rate of aggressive offending in Maori males). However, once they dominated the country, they continued to war heavily among themselves long before a white face ever appeared. That said, if I am threatened in any way by Maori, this will just confirm it. Revealing the peaceful pre-inhabitants who were hunted to extinction, will incur the same 'spirit' against me. I believe that spiritual things hang around succeeding generations, people, and even whole races. I believe an element of the warring and dominating spirit still pervades throughout Maoridom - not all, but most. We shall see it revealed in the reaction to the full public release of the actual photos on this website by about 2019, or earlier if all goes well.  


As I write this, the first cave in question requires some very cunning methods to get what we digital proof. First of all the entrance is a phreatic tube completely hand filled with rocks, clay and quarry dust. It is only 3.5 ft round and it's length, until it opens into the cave itself, is unknown.


Once we are inside, photo's and video of the cave, the skeletons, closeup detail of jaw lines, condition of teeth, any hair that is still present etc. Thigh bones will be measured and maybe a hair sample (I believe there will be some, because the ancients buried their dead whole and these ones are in a totally dry environment thankfully). Any hair sample will be sent away overseas for DNA testing and carbon dating - once we find a benefactor to enable this to occur. The sex of each skeleton will be noted along with any tools or weapons or other items such as pottery (it is unlikely, but it has been suggested it may be present and we know Maori did not make pottery) which, if we are greeted with some would make these skeletons very, very old indeed, anywhere from 1000-1800 years old. But who knows? If in fact this first cave is just a normal burial cave, we will exit and seal. By the way - the fact that it was discovered, hushed up, legislated and fully sealed, reveals that what is inside is something Maori do not want the archaeologists to document, nor the world to see or even know about. It has since been revealed to me that a few Archaeologists would testify to cover ups over the years.   


This makes me want to prove to the world that the 'tall-ones' exist all the more. It's almost an obsession.


And one more thing. Once we are in, all the written written documentation, sketches, photo's, video and anything else will quickly be duplicated and sent to various contacts around NZ and the world - should we be shut down. Any local recipients of that information will not be those I normally associate with.


The contents of that first cave, should they be as we believe, will be eventually be revealed, in full, to the world.


Stay with us and enjoy the journey...even if it does take longer than anticipated.


3rd December 2015 

Addendum 3/2019 - We now have evidence of a fossilized human bone brought into the filled entrance from outside. As it takes an absolute minimum of 1300-1500 years to turn bone to stone [even in the most perfect of circumstances], it reveals that Maori entered an already occupied land. They are not from the Polynesian introduced Kuri dog - nor from the native bat. Therefore they can only be one thing....! Keep in mind that Maori arrived here around 730 years ago from Polynesia. These bones are not even what we are seeking for and we still don't hold them as the peak of the evidence we seek. The evidence we seek is more complete and many times more compelling than one (so far) fossilized human bone pre-dating accepted human habitation of Aotearoa. 

Addendum 5/19 - We now know of others who have seen tall non-Polynesian skeletons and can show us to give us confidence of what we seek. So we are not the first obviously, but I believe we have the best vehicle to get the story out.

Addendum 10/19 - That fossilized bone we mentioned's a femur and it measures about 66cm long. What that means is that it belonged to someone over 8' tall. Imagine that, and they say no such race ever existed?

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